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CS Boag

Welcome to C.S. Boag's World

CS Boag is a former journalist who has also grown potatoes, driven taxis and bulldozers and worked in a hamburger bar and has travelled many times throughout Australia and to France, speaking enough French not to die there.


He was a Sydney City Councillor for six years and holds degrees from NSW and Sydney Universities as well as postgraduate qualifications from Macquarie.


Besides publishing short stories he has also worked as a columnist for Woman’s Day and The Bulletin and in 1986 he won the Walter Stone Memorial Prize for Literature.


He lives near Bathurst with his wife, Judith, and has five children.


His work has been described as follows:


"In the great tradition of Dasheill Hammett's Sam Spade and Raymond Chandler's Philip Marlowe, it's murder, mystery, crime, hoods, bent cops, sexy dames, a one-legged assassin and one street smart gumshoe - detective-noir all the way as Australia's 21st century private eye with one eye firmly fixed on the past, Mister Rainbow, solves cases and fights thugs while pursued by his nemesis Pandora."

Mr Rainbow - The Omnibus Editions: Vol 1 & 2

Mister Raonbow - The Omnibus Edition Vol 1
Mister Raonbow - The Omnibus Edition Vol 2
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